Curly Hair – The Perfect Hair Care Routine

Curly Hair – The Perfect Hair Care Routine If you have a curly hair, then you know that it has a mind of its own. It coils, curves and bends at its own will with a very fragile and delicate nature. Due to its curly nature, the natural oils produced at the scalp find it hard to travel up the hair strands. This makes your curly hair always feel dry and without moisture. However, it’s not all lost, there is something you can do; keep reading on to find out! Here are some of the best tried-and-tested tips from the pros at Tholu Hair and Beauty Collection, for the caring of all types of natural curls.

1. Nothing Beats Pre-Shampoo Treatment Just as the name suggests, pre-shampoo is the step taken before you shampoo your curly hair. Its benefits include softening, conditioning and detangling of your hair before the main shampooing process. Pre-shampooing also prevents damage and roughness of your hair.

2. Stop Your Daily Shampooing As mentioned earlier, curly hair is delicate, and daily shampoo will stress and stretch out the delicate strands. This causes it to dry out quickly and often. However, you can apply a conditioner as much as you like.

3. Divide Your Hair Into Sections For Tangle-free Washing Washing, scrubbing and mushing your hair altogether in the name of washing causes more harm than good to your natural curls. Section your hair, apply shampoo and gently squeeze down along the strand before rinsing is the best way. Also, don’t forget to use cold water instead of hot water. Curly hair is as beautiful as they are delicate, with these few tips from us at Tholu’s Hair, your curls have never been in such excellent condition. Stay away from any kind of heat and you are good to go girl.

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