Hair Porosity: What You Need to Know

Hair porosity refers to how the hair absorbs moisture and retains it. Every individual’s hair scales are made up of layers, and the outer layer known as the cuticle determines how quickly the hair moisturised. Hair porosity can also be affected, so knowing what changes it makes it easier for you to tackle it.

There three types of hair porosity – high porosity, medium porosity and low porosity.

High Porosity: high porous hair usually is prone to breakage and damage, because of the holes present in the hair shaft generally caused by chemical damage and straightening. It makes it easy for the hair to absorb moisture in but losses it fast, (causing dryness).

Medium porosity/Average Porosity: medium porous hair requires less maintenance of all the three types. The hair cuticle is less tight allowing in the right amount of moisture to penetrate it and hardly leaves.

Low Porosity: low porous hair is difficult in absorbing moisture, because of the tightly bond cuticle; but once it does, keeps it tightly locked in.

How to Determine the Level of Porosity

Just take a glass of water dip a strand of hair in, and if it sinks right to the bottom, then it is high porosity, if it stays at the middle, then it is medium porosity and if at the top, it is low porosity.

How Hair Porosity is Likely Affected

The warm temperature during showers aids in swelling of the hair which is great for low porosity and should be rinsed with cold water to reduce the swelling to keep in the moisture. 

However, high porosity tends to be affected by temperature, as the cuticles are not intact the moisture which is supposed to absorb losses quickly at a faster rate leading to dryness. As the hair absorbs warm water, it tends to expand, letting in more which could incur damage.

Keep it moisturised; basically, the hair needs moisture and protein since the hair is made up of protein, but avoid too much. The following are ways to keep the hair moisturised; 

  • Light conditioning
  • Deep conditioning

In conclusion, the more porous the hair, the more moisturised it becomes, and we at have the solutions to all your hair problems.




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