The Benefits of a Hot Oil Treatment

Dry hair is the absolute worst! That crunchy sound makes your skin crawl and you can forget about putting a comb through it. The fear of breaking off any strand of hair is imminent the moment you touch it.

Healthy hair starts at the scalp and trickles its way down to the ends of each strand. A dry, unhealthy scalp could be the end of your hair growth journey and the beginning of hair breakage instead. Starting each week with a hot oil treatment is a great way to combat any damage and dryness that might come from your styling choices.

Too many products moisturize your hair but don’t penetrate your scalp. It’s a process but finding what actually leaves your scalp feeling refreshed is just as important. Take the Up North Naturals 8-Oil Blend, for example. Each essential oil was picked specifically for its nourishing qualities and the moisturizing benefits it provides your scalp. Add that with some heat for 15-30 minutes and you’ve got yourself the trifecta of healthy hair management.

Perfect for curls, coils, twists and all hair types, the Up North Naturals 8-Oil Blend is the perfect additive to a healthy hair routine. Apply the oil to your scalp, massage it in and bring it down to the ends of your strands. Set your heating cap on a timer and let the oil do its thing. Whether it’s your pre-poo or after-wash ritual, your hair won’t know what hit it.

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