Braids- The Go-To Cold Weather Protective Style

In most cities, the first few days after October 31st are telling for the winter chill that will soon be taking over. That means sweater weather has arrived and leggings are officially okay to wear in public as your everyday pants. But, what about your hair?

When you prefer to wear your natural hair, the cold weather can start to cause some major damage that could take longer to correct than they did to harm. Breakage from brittle strands, dryness from moisture being sucked away and growth being halted are all issues we naturals face when the sun starts setting a little earlier and the morning get just a bit crisper.

Protective styles have become a beacon of hope for our tresses! There’s no reason to worry about what to do with your hair when you can keep it nicely tucked away for days, weeks or even months!

beautiful, naturalista wearing braids as a protective style

Braids, specifically, are every natural girls’ dream. With all the styles, colors and lengths, you really can’t go wrong. Braids keep your hair protected from the elements while still allowing you creativity and way more time added to your morning routine.

Just remember: This is still your real hair, so treat it as such. Your wash day, moisturizing routine and night time care should stay the same, if not change slightly to accommodate the extra tresses your currently rocking.

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