Managing Your Two-Strand Twist Out

Every naturalista has tried the two-strand twist more times than she can even count. It’s everyone’s go-to for an everyday hairstyle because it’s so easy to manage. It can last you days with minimal freshening up but getting the perfect twist-out can sometimes be the bane of your existence.

No two curly heads are alike and not all products are created equal so what works for your girlfriend might not work for you, but it’s always worth a shot. The hardest thing about being natural is the trial and error period that usually takes longer than the entire time you’ve been natural. That’s why the two-strand twist has become such a go-to for people with natural hair. Your curl pattern might not popping yet and you might not understand whether you have low and high porosity hair but you can take one section of hair, split it in half and twist it together so you can fake ‘til you make it.

Up North Naturals Twist & Curl Butter is the answer to every twist out that turns out flat and makes you wish you’d never even tried. This mixture of Shea and Mango Butter with Jojoba and Argan Oil will coat your strands with moisture and set your style for days to come.

Defining your twists is pretty much the only reason to perform a twist out in the first place. No one wants a flop of a hairstyle on top of their head the morning of that important meeting they’ve been preparing for all weekend. We all know the feeling of discouragement that follows the morning after a failed twist-out. Up North Naturals Twist & Curl Butter is your answer to pulling off your twist-out with ease every single time so you can breathe a sigh of relief instead.

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