Exfoliating for a Little More TLC

When the cooler months hit, it’s the perfect time to start getting serious about your skincare routine. It’s easy to find yourself with dry, flaky skin in the middle of winter when the windchill makes you wish you’d just decided to stay inside.

A good skincare routine needs a nice face wash, moisturizer and exfoliator. The first two are probably a given for most of us but exfoliating seems to fall to the back burner so much that our skin could really use a little extra TLC.

Soul Sisters Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub is exactly what your skin has been so loudly asking you for all this time. Your entire body could use a good rub down a few times a week to keep that pesky, dry, winter skin at bay.

Nothing can compare to a good sugar scrub in the tub. Run your bath, add some bubbles, if you wish, and give yourself a relaxing spa treatment at a quarter of the price. Baby-smooth skin isn’t just for babies anymore. Soul Sisters Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub will remove that dry, flaky skin and reveal a smoothness you never thought possible. The black seed oil will nourish your skin and seal the moisture in so the results will last you days.

You can’t beat an at-home spa treatment that reveals fresh, exfoliated skin.

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