8 Natural Ways To Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Thinned Hair

Hair loss at a young age is better imagined than experienced. That's why even when it’s bound to happen when you get older, you can’t afford to not stop it from the beginning. This is different from losing about 100 hairs daily which is common, even to a healthy person. If your hair loss is sudden or causes a bald spot, you need to control it fast before it becomes a nightmare. 

Common causes of hair loss

The common causes of hair loss are:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Scalp infection
  • Cruel chemicals in hair care products
  • Side effects from drug medication
  • Poor hair styling 
  • Stress triggered by life changes, childbirth, career, etc.
  • Cancer treatment
  • Alopecia areata
  • Hereditary/genetic hair loss
  • Aging 

What is the natural way to stop hair loss?

The natural way to stop hair loss is to take proper care of your hair and scalp using all-natural hair care products that are rich in natural herbs and essential oils, infusing stress-relieve therapy in your lifestyle, and increasing intake of naturally healthy foods.

10 natural ways to stop hair loss

Most of the hair products that are used to enhance hair and make bold fashion statements often end up robbing your scalp of the natural nutritional composition it needs to grow healthy hair. As a result, hair fall creeps in and can worsen over time. One effective solution is to enrich your scalp and hair with the products and nutrients it needs to grow healthy hair. Some of which include:

1. Aloe Vera

The anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and enzymic components of aloe vera makes the scalp healthier and enhances hair growth. When used as a hair fall solution, it works on the dead cells in the scalp and fights off any foreign body on the hair. You can rub aloe vera gel into your scalp and hair. Leave it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing off with a natural, sulfate-free shampoo. The TGIN Miracle Hair Mask also contains aloe vera and will give you a thorough deep conditioning treatment.

2. Green Tea solution

Green tea has epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a natural antioxidant that prevents hair loss by curbing the activities of hormones that cause it. This antioxidant also boosts hair regrowth by quickening hair follicles. preventing cell damage, and improving blood circulation on the scalp.

Consider conditioning weekly with a natural product infused with green tea like the TGIN Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner.


3. Overnight Hair Oil Treatment

Overnight hair oil treatment is an age-long scalp and hair rejuvenating therapy used by ancient Egyptian women to keep hair strong and healthy. The process involves applying essential oils like rosemary, argan, avocado, etc. on the scalp and hair. However, to fully let the scalp absorb the nutrients contained in these oils, the oil is applied at bedtime and covered overnight. Beware that while essential oils hair treatment works, overnight therapy may not apply to all hair textures. We recommend the Ayurvedic Hair & Scalp Serum.

Read more: Complete Guide To Overnight Hair Oil Treatment.


4. Regularly massage your scalp

Undue stress and tension in our lives can also cause hair loss. This could be stress induced by work, relationships, family and many more endeavors. When stress and tension go unhandled, they cause hair to fall. Regularly massaging your scalp helps you to relieve stress and tension. Eventually, your hair gets the stimulation it needs to stand tall and grow healthy. Meanwhile, the best way to approach this is to combat the real cause of stress and tension in your life.


5. Consume Ginseng

Have you heard about the power of ginseng? If you have, you probably don’t know how it stimulates hair follicles. Ginseng is an ancient herbal remedy. It contains bioactive ingredients known as ginsenosides which enhance the health of hair follicles and roots for healthy hair growth. Amongst other uses, ginseng has nourishing capabilities that stop hair thinning, breakage, balding spots, and hair loss. If ginseng isn’t part of your hair care routine, it’s not too late to incorporate it.


6. Eat a Protein-rich Meal

Hairs have nutritional components. One of them is keratin – a natural type of fibrous structural protein that keeps the hair stronger and healthier. However, in-between numerous hair care routines, keratin is usually lost. You may want to say that beauty treatments also contain keratin obtained from animal parts. You are correct, but what you should know is that the beauty treatments are mixed with other chemicals that could also have side effects on your hair’s health.

In that case, the best solution is to always eat a meal rich in protein and other essential nutrients to naturally stop hair fall. Some of these foods include eggs, carrot, spinach, oats, nuts, fish, chicken, low-fat dairy, and many more.


7. Wash your  scalp and hair regularly

You need to keep your scalp healthy and the pores clog-free. Oil, residual hair care products, dead skin cells, and other dirt could build up on your scalp. If the scalp is unable to absorb the nutrients it needs, hair loss could set in. Is there a point in using natural hair care treatments when the pores are too clogged to let in nutrients? Absolutely not! Washing your scalp and hair regularly is important. More importantly, do so with natural hair cleansers and conditioners like the Wash Day Crew from Up North Naturals. Taking care of your scalp and hair will curb hair loss.


8. Stop combing wet hair

Hairs are fragile when wet. Not only should you let your hair dry before combing, you should also use wide-toothed comb/brushes for styling.


There are many natural ways to stop hair loss, and the list above is not absolute. However, we have tried as much as possible to select natural hair fall solutions that aren’t too demanding on your time and purse. If you have been trying to stop hair loss unsuccessfully, it’s time to start with more healthy options that have been mentioned above. If it’s becoming too severe, you are advised to see a hair specialist as soon as possible.