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Rose Water

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Our Rose Water is 100% pure made with the freshest flowers of the Kelaat M’Gouna Valley. If you have been fighting with impurities and enlarged pores, then a toner might be what is missing from your skincare routine! Nothing better than an all natural toner to remove excess oils, dirt and impurities from your skin.

Our Rose Water not only acts as a toner but also helps reduce inflammations, maintain the skin’s pH balance and hydrates, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin.

A smell that will instantly make you feel younger.
Our Rose Water is made from the finest flowers of the Kelaat M’gouna valley of Morocco, it’s smell will pull you in and it’s countless benefits will keep you wanting more!

Calming rose hydrosol instantly revitalizes and hydrates skin leaving a dewy radiance. It’s mild astringent properties clarify, sooth, tone, and tighten the appearance of pores resulting in a plumped, softened and healthy complexion.

  • Soothes skin redness
  • Balances skin PH
  • Clarifies and tones skin
  • Gently removes impurities and dirt
  • Brightens under eye circles and reduces puffiness
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antibacterial
  • Antioxidant


Ingredients: 100% Pure Distilled Rose Water (Rosa Damascena)


Can be used on the face at any time of day.
Can be used to treat certain scalp problems such as scalp inflammations and dandruff.


  • Helps maintain skin’s pH balance
  • Controls excess oil
  • Reduces redness of irritated skin
  • Helps strengthen skin cells and regenerates skin tissues
  • Helps treat acne, dermatitis and eczema
  • Hydrates, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin
  • Helps heal scars, cuts and wounds
  • Its smell is a strong mood enhancer ( helps with anxiety and promotes emotional well- being)
  • Helps treat scalp inflammations
  • Works as a dandruff treatment
  • Helps diminish wrinkles