Hair Thinning: Effective Natural Remedies for Men and Women

Hair thinning refers to the loss of hair (alopecia) in minor or major proportions. It can be temporary or permanent, depending on the cause(s). While it could be severe, hair thinning doesn’t equal baldness or cause it. The good news is, the gradual nature of thinning makes it possible for anyone to spot it, identify the cause, and immediately seek natural remedies.

Can hair grow back after thinning?

Yes! Your hair can grow back after thinning. However, in most cases, you need remedies to boost hair health back to normal. It may take some time to fully grow back, depending on the causes, which could be hereditary, excessive hair treatment, the cruel chemical composition of hair products, tight hairstyling, poor dieting habits, stress, and aging.

What are the Causes of Hair Thinning?

A lot of factors need to be evaluated when considering hair thinning causes. But you should first know this: According to AAD, American Academy of Dermatology, losing about 100 strands of hair regularly is normal. The fair warning is that shedding some strands of hair when you comb it is nothing to worry about. If it exceeds that, then you should be worried. 

7 Factors that Cause Hair Thinning

  1. Genetics: Thinning can be innate or triggered by birth control pills, hormonal or chemical changes, auto-immune diseases, immune deficiencies, infections, etc.

  1. Excessive hair treatment: When it comes to keeping your hair healthy and maintaining beauty, you should beware not to overdo it. Excessive relaxing of hair, shampooing, heat treatments, conditioning, and many more hair care practices can put you at risk of hair thinning. 

  1. Cruel chemical composition: Not every ingredient and chemical composition of hair products are good for every hair type. For example, shampoos may contain cruel chemicals that your hair shouldn’t be exposed to. 

  1. Tight weaves and styling: The hair’s follicles are delicate. Regular tight weaves and styling could break strands from the root. As a result, you will most likely have thin spots in your hair.

  1. Poor diet: Poor feeding habits can do damage to your hair . Eating balanced meals helps to strengthen, grow, and protect your hair. When you have a poor diet culture, your body doesn’t get enough nutrients like vitamins and minerals which your hair needs.
    1. Stress: Living a stressful life is evident in every part of the human body, including your hair. Just the same way stress could cause greying fast, it could also cause hair thinning.

    1. Aging: Hair thinning could be age-related. That’s one of the beauties of growing old anyway. So, hair thinning doesn’t always mean something is wrong.

    Now that you know the possible causes of hair thinning, let’s introduce you to natural remedies to boost hair health. 

    4 Effective Hair Thinning Natural Remedies

    1. Hair Massages with Nutrient-rich Products: This is one of the highly effective natural hair thinning treatments. Not only does this help you relieve stress, but it also stimulates hair growth straight from the scalp.

    2. Using Natural/Organic Hair Products: As hair thinning could be caused by harsh chemical compositions in numerous hair products, the best option is to use all-natural hair products that are nourishing and rich in essential oils. Sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners made from natural ingredients, and nourishing hair products are also remedies to hair thinning.


    3. Overnight Hair Oil Treatment: Oiling can naturally restore hair thinning caused by protein loss and harsh products. There are natural hair oil treatments with avocado oil, almond oil, virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, and rosemary oil that helps to combat wear and tear which may trigger hair thinning/hair loss.

    Depending on the kind of oil you choose, your hair type, hair texture, and scalp condition, you may have to carry out overnight hair oil treatment for maximum benefit. Read more on Overnight Hair Oil Treatment.


    4. Eating a Balanced Meal: Nutritional deficiencies also cause female hair thinning. On their own, hairs have nutritional components that keep them healthier and stronger. However, in-between conditioning and shampooing amid other hair care routines, they are usually lost. Thus, a natural solution to regrow thinned hair or hair on bald spots is to increase your intake of rich meals.

    Invest more in eating food that is rich in protein, minerals, and other nutrients. These are essential to the overall health of your hair.

    There are many natural hair thinning treatments. Once you can spot hair thinning on time, you have won a greater part of the war. As explained above, there are natural remedies to boost hair health as long as thinning isn’t hereditary or age-related.

    However, the first point of order is to not trigger hair thinning by the choices you make about your hair’s health. As part of taking precautions, it’s recommended that you use organic and cruelty-free hair products. Waste no time checking out our wide range of top-tier, natural and cruelty-free hair products made to nourish your hair and keep it healthy all year long.