How to Stimulate Healthy Hair Growth in 2022

Hair grows fastest between the ages of 15 and 30, before slowing down. This statistic shows that people within this age grade are in search of having healthy hair growth. The big question is, “what stimulates hair growth?”

Our goal is to help you grow your hair with important information and recommend healthy products that may help you achieve your hair goals.


A number of factors can influence hair growth, some of which can be controlled while others can’t. To get your desired hair growth, some few things to consider include:


Gender: Did you know that the Men’s hair grows faster than women's? 


Nutrition: Good nutrition is essential for the growth and maintenance of healthy hair. Adopting a healthy diet that contains fruits, vegetables, grains, and an appropriate amount of fat will promote healthy hair.


Genetics: A person’s genes will dictate how quickly their hair will grow.


Age: According to Medical News Today, hair grows fastest between the ages of 15 and 30 before slowing down. Some follicles stop working altogether as people get older. This is why some people get thinner hair or go bald.


Hair follows a specific growth cycle with three distinct and concurrent phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Each phase has specific characteristics that determine the length of the hair. The protein called keratin makes up hair and stimulates hair growth. 


The following helps to promote hair growth

1. Argan Oil:

Argan oil is a great moisturizer and conditioner for the hair because of the fatty acids contained in it. These acids can help coat the shaft of your hair and lock in moisture. The vitamin E in the oil can help to prevent your hair from getting too dry. If you struggle with frizz, argan oil should be your best friend.

It is made from the kernels that grow on the Argan trees native to Morocco. It's most frequently sold as pure oil, which can be directly applied directly to the skin or ingested for other health benefits. Check out this blog post on the best oils for healthy hair growth and volume.


2. Jojoba Oil:

It is rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the hair, including vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, and zinc. Jojoba oil strengthens the hair, prevents hair loss and promotes hair thickness. Just massaging a few  drops into the scalp every morning before styling your hair makes a lot of difference. Alikay Naturals Blended Therapy Hot Oil Treatment and Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil both contain Jojoba Oil and address the natural hair concern of minimal growth.


    3. Castor Oil:

    This is a fat oil. Applying it to the hair on a regular basis helps lubricate the hair shaft, increases hair flexibility and decreases the chance of breakage. Castor oil may benefit those who experience dandruff, a common scalp condition characterized by dry, flaky skin on the head.


    Some of the benefits of castor oil include:

    • It is a natural moisturizer. Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid.
    • It promotes wound healing, reduces acne and keeps your hair and scalp healthy.



    All of these oils are present in Lala Essentials Hair Growth Butter. This product consists of  essential hair nutrients and vitamins that condition and promote healthy hair growth. It is also an effective treatment for a dry scalp, dandruff, split ends, and damaged hair. This product also replenishes and rejuvenates the scalp.


    Everyone’s hair grows at different rates, and many factors can influence the speed of hair growth. There is little evidence to suggest that specialist shampoo or supplements can speed the rate of hair growth. Instead, eating a nutritious diet that includes plenty of protein is essential for healthy hair. The products mentioned above guarantees you a healthy hair growth and is suitable for both women and men. Check them out today.