Our Story

More than following ever-changing beauty trends, we encourage you to make mindful and healthy beauty decisions.

The hair care and skincare products we stock are made from chemical-free, cruelty free, natural ingredients that nourish your skin and hair with no side effects or irritation.

Olu Salami, our founder and CEO
Our Founder's Beauty Journey:

ThOlu Hair and Beauty was founded by Olu Salami, an Ontario based entrepreneur who is passionate about natural hair care, skincare, and beauty. This healthy beauty journey started in 2016 when Olu was going through postpartum depression.

She was unable to clothe her baby for close to 9 months because of atopic dermatitis and extreme sensitivity. After several consultations with Doctors and using Doctor approved products, nothing worked. When Olu finally found what worked, it did not give her baby 100% relief until she changed her own skincare and hair products to healthier, chemical free alternatives. 

It was a struggle for Olu to find beauty supply stores that carried all the products her baby was sensitive to. She always had to check multiple stores like in scavenger hunt. Having all these products in one place was how ThOlu Hair + Beauty was born.

After some time, a couple of Olu's extended family members asked how she handled her baby’s skin sensitivity. She bought these hair care products on their behalf and realized there were more people looking for these products and it would be nice for them to all be in one place rather than scavenger hunt across multiple cities.

How and Where to Find Us:

Today, ThOlu Hair and Beauty is online for everyone but physically serves local customers in the GTA Region of Ontario, Canada.

We supply natural hair care, skin care and beauty products to customers both nationwide and internationally via our online store. 

To bring our wide range of products into your salon or beauty store, contact us.  

We offer standard and express shipping (each billed separately), via the Canada Post.

Visit our website to Shop today. We are the one stop beauty store you can trust.

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