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This website is owned and managed by ThOlu Hair + Beauty. This is the Terms of Service for this website and any interaction you may have with this website or any parts or related services of it. We may update this Terms of Service from time to time and it is your responsibility to ensure that you visit and read this Terms of Service frequently.

Any reference to the singular includes reference to the plural and vice versa for both this website and this Terms of Service. Any reference to ‘we’ and ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to ThOlu Hair + Beauty and any reference to ‘you’ or ‘user’ refers to the individual or entity using this website. These references may occur in both this website and this Terms of Service.

Headings used in this agreement are included for convenience only and will not limit or otherwise affect these Terms of Service.

By visiting our website and using any parts of it, you agree to the Terms of Service stated here and / or on any other parts of this website and you agree to be bound by such terms of service. These terms of service, terms of conditions and any other terms stated elsewhere are applicable to all users of this website and any parts thereof and include any and all browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and / or content contributors of and to this website.

If you do not accept or agree with any part of these Terms of Services stated here or elsewhere, you must immediately cease use of this website and any associated sites or services.

ThOlu Hair + Beauty offers this website, our e-commerce store and any uses, related applications and all information contained on this website to you to interact and use only as stipulated in this Terms of Service and only per your acceptance of this Terms of Service and any other policies, service terms or notices forming part of ThOlu Hair + Beauty.

Any new pages, products, features or tools added to any part of this website will be subject to these Terms of Service unless expressly stated otherwise. ThOlu Hair + Beauty reserves the right to update this Terms of Service or any other parts or Terms of Service listed on the website from time to time and it remains your sole responsibility to regularly read the Terms of service we provide. Continuous use of any part of our website warrants your acceptance of this Terms of Service and any changes contained herein.



By using this website, you warrant and represent that you are of the minimum legal age required by your country of residence or province or governing jurisdiction and should you be an adult with minor dependants using this website, you warrant and represent that you consent to your minor dependants using this website and you indemnify and hold ThOlu Hair + Beauty harmless against any results or implications that may arise due to the use of this website. 

By using this website and the services we provide, you may not violate any laws or jurisdiction in your location of residence and you are not allowed or authorized to use any of our products and services in an illegal manner or any manner connected to illegal or unauthorized activity.



ThOlu Hair + Beauty reserves the right to restrict access or refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time we deem necessary. By using this service you confirm and consent that your personal information, which includes all information you share with us, including credit card information, may be used by third-party service providers as stipulated in our privacy policy and may be transferred as unencrypted from time to time. Your data may be transferred over various networks and may undergo changes to adapt to the requirements it needs to connect to certain devices or networks. Credit card information will always be encrypted during transfer over networks.

By using this website and using our services you agree that you will be bound by this agreement and will not copy, replicate, reproduce, sell, resell or exploit any part of this website or services we offer, without prior written permission granted by us.



ThOlu Hair + Beauty cannot be held liable for any result of missing or incorrect information on this site. All information on this website is provided as general information and should not be the only information reviewed when making a decision without consulting and considering other pieces of information that are more accurate, relevant and correct. Using this site and the information contained herein as your primary source of reference is completely at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any outcome thereof. 

This website may contain information that is not current or that is historical and only provided as a reference. We reserve the right to change, update, modify or add new content to this website; however, we hold no responsibility towards any of the users to make such changes or amendments. It is the user’s responsibility to monitor, read and understand any changes to the website.



ThOlu Hair + Beauty reserves the right to modify, change or update our products and pricing, at any time without any notice to any of the users of this website. In addition, we cannot be held responsible for any result of interaction with a third-party service provider, or for any change, termination of service or modification by such third party service provider.



Certain products or services may only be available online and certain products or services may only be available for a limited time period or in limited quantities. All products and services are subject to our Return Policy found on our website.

We make every effort to display our images as realistically and accurately as possible in terms of color, size etc. However, we cannot guarantee the display of the images on the screen of your computer is accurate. Furthermore, we reserve the right to withhold from providing products or services to any person, location or lawful jurisdiction. We reserve the right to only supply limited amounts of a product or service to any person, location or lawful jurisdiction. We reserve the right to limit the amount of products or services we choose to supply. 

All product descriptions and images can be changed at any time, for any reason whatsoever without notice to any users. ThOlu Hair + Beauty reserves the right to remove or discontinue a product or service at any time. Furthermore, we do not warrant or confirm that any of the products, services, information or other items purchased or found via this website will satisfy your expectations or that any errors made during service will be rectified.



ThOlu Hair + Beauty reserves the right to refuse to deliver a service or may refuse any order you place with us. We may at any time choose to limit or cancel items and quantities purchased by any person, household order. These restrictions may apply to orders placed using the same credit card details, the same account and / or orders using the same shipping and / or billing address. If we do change, cancel or terminate an order, we may choose to notify the user or recipient of the order by contacting them on any of the contact details provided to us via this website that may include an email address, a billing address or phone number. Should we conclude that an order might have been placed by a reseller, dealer or distributor, we may choose to limit or terminate these orders or accounts. 

It is your responsibility and you agree that you will provide us with the latest and correct contact and purchase information when you make a purchase at our online store. You represent and agree that you will, within a reasonable time period, update your contact information and credit card details should any details change.



We may from time to time provide you with access or a link to tools, websites or applications controlled by third parties. You acknowledge and agree that you understand that we have no control or input over these tools and cannot monitor, modify or change them. Furthermore, you agree that we provide these tools and access to them ‘as is’ without any explicit warranties, guarantees, representations or conditions or endorsements from ThOlu Hair + Beauty. 

You indemnify and hold us harmless for any liability or concerns arising from the use of such third-party tools. You agree that we do not require you or make you use these optional tools against your own consent and that any use of such tools is at your own risk. It remains your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the terms of service of these tools before you use them. 

It is in our discretion to decide to offer new products, services or features via the website or links to new tools and resources and any such tools, services or features will be subject to these same Terms of Service.



By using this website, you agree and understand that some of our products, services or content may include links, applications or material hosted or supplied via a third-party. Such links may redirect you to websites of this or other third parties and ThOlu Hair + Beauty has no control or input over these third-party websites or the accuracy of the information they communicate. We do not warrant and take no responsibility for any third-party websites, content or applications. Furthermore, you cannot hold us liable for any damage or harm arising due to use of any third-party applications, websites or links. It is your responsibility to ensure that you read and understand all privacy policies and terms of service of any and all third-party websites, application and links. Any complaints, questions or concerns regarding any third-party service providers must be submitted to them via the channels indicated by the provider in question.



You agree that any comment, whether online, in the form of a competition submission, an idea submission or any form or format of sharing a comment or idea with us, is a comment that we may, when and if we deem necessary, distribute, copy, edit, publish or translate and use in any medium. Comments can be received via email, regular mail or via the website itself. Furthermore, we have no responsibility towards you to keep the comments confidential or pay your for your input or comments or to respond to any of your comments. 

Should we determine that any comment is illegal, discriminatory, insulting, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or in any way offensive, in breach of our privacy policy or this terms of service, we may decide to remove or edit such content. We may monitor all such content but have no obligation to remove or edit such content. Furthermore, you warrant and agree that your comments will not breach the terms of service stated in this agreement or in our privacy policy or on any other part of our website or that of a third-party website, application or service. This includes intellectual property, copyright, any trademarks or logos, privacy, personality or other personal or proprietary rights. You also agree that you will not post any comments that contain offensive, unlawful or abusive content, any worm or virus or link that could negatively affect the website or its operations in any manner. You may only use your own identity and email address pertaining to any comments and may not pretend to be someone else or use a false identity or false contact information. You may not in any manner mislead or misdirect us or any third-party service providers with comments in any way. You alone are responsible for all the comments you make and we take no responsibility or liability for any comments posted by yourself.



All personal information, details and data that you submit is subject to our Privacy Policy. Please click here to read our Privacy Policy.



This website, the terms of service and privacy policy may contain errors from time to time. These errors may include grammatical or spelling errors, content errors or typographical errors relating to any of the content, products, prices, special offers or promotions on the website. ThOlu Hair + Beauty reserves the right to choose to change, update or modify any errors or omissions on any part of this website or terms of service. Furthermore, should an order be placed as a result of such an error, fault or omission, we reserve the right to cancel such an order related to any part of this website or terms of service with such errors without giving any prior or additional notice. 

We do not warrant or guarantee to edit, update, modify or change any information or details, whether in error or correct in this terms of service or website or any parts related to this website, including, but not limited to any special promotion, offer, pricing or product, except where required by law. 

No notice of an update will serve as a notice that any or all of the information in these terms of service or website has been updated, modified or corrected.



In addition to all other exclusions and bans indicated and governed by these terms of service, you are prohibited from the following as well: 

  • Using any part of this site or its content for illegal purpose.
  • Using this site or any part of it to entice or solicit other people to perform or take part in illegal acts.
  • You cannot violate any law, international, national, federal, provincial, or state regulations, local jurisdiction or rules by using this site or using any part of this site in such violation.
  • Violate or invade our or the intellectual property rights of others by using this site or any part of it.
  • You may not use this site or any parts of it to abuse, misuses, harass, harm, insult, offend or defame any person or entity, not based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, age, nationality or any physical or mental disability.
  • You may not use or submit fake, misleading or untrue information when using this website.
  • It is forbidden to submit, transfer or upload any harmful content, including any viruses, worms, malicious or harmful code or content that may affect any part of this website or its users.
  • You may not attempt to or collect or track any information from any user of this site or from this site itself.
  • It is forbidden to spam any users or any part of this site; furthermore, it is prohibited to phish, crawl, spider, pretext, scrape or pharm content, any part of this site or its users.
  • You are forbidden to use any part or parts of this site for any pornographic, visually upsetting, offensive, obscene or immoral reasons or goal.
  • It is prohibited to interfere or evade any of the security protocols used by this site or any related site, application, third-party service provider, link or url. 

We reserve the right and can at any time, for violating any of the above mentioned terms of service, terminate or discontinue your account and any association you have with this site, any parts of it or any related websites or applications.



We provide this website and associated services ‘as is’ and cannot warrant, represent or guarantee that your use of our services or website will be error-free, secure or uninterrupted. 

Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that the results you receive or achieve due to the service delivered, will be as per your expectations, correct or reliable. 

ThOlu Hair + Beauty may at our own discretion, choose to remove the service or components of it completely or cancel the service at any time without providing notice to any users. 

Your correct or incorrect use of this website and any service provided is at your own risk and you cannot hold ThOlu Hair + Beauty responsible for any damage or concerns due to the use of this website or service. 

You indemnify and hold ThOlu Hair + Beauty, its directors, employees, owners, managers, affiliates, contractors, suppliers and any related service providers or agents harmless against any loss, injury, indirect or direct damage or misfortune of any kind, whether loss of profit, money or loss of data, as a result of using this website or any related service or site or any errors or omissions on this site or any related site or third party site. 

Due to some jurisdictions not allowing the exclusion of liability, our responsibility towards liability shall be limited to the maximum extent permitted by law in such jurisdictions.



You agree to indemnify and hold harmless ThOlu Hair + Beauty, our directors, owners, partners, employees, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, service providers and any person or entity directly or indirectly related to the service provided by us and this website harmless against any claim made by any person or third party due to your neglect or wrongful use of this website, any of its services or related sites or due to your breach of this terms of service which you agreed to once using the site.



Should any part of these Terms of Service be deemed unlawful or not applicable, such part of these Terms of Service shall not affect the enforceability and legality of the rest of this agreement.



The validity period of this agreement is ad infinitum and the obligations and liabilities entered into as part of the Terms of Service will remain applicable even in the event of restriction, cancellation or termination of a user account, a service or the entire website. 

It remains at our discretion to decide to terminate this agreement with you, should you be in breach of this agreement or any part of the website without notice to you and we can hold you responsible for any damages incurred due to such a breach.



Should ThOlu Hair + Beauty not be able to uphold any part of this agreement, it will not indicate a waiver of that part of the agreement, the right or provision referred to. 

This Terms of Service and any other policy document posted on this website shall be the entire Service agreement between us and all users and will govern the service provided. This agreement supersedes any previous written or verbal agreement.



These Terms of Service and any other policy or service document shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of 50 Elm Drive East, Mississauga, ON. Canada L5A 3X2



It remains your responsibly to review this Terms of Service frequently and you can review the most current version of this Terms of Services on this page. We reserve the right to change modify, edit, delete and update these Terms of Services without any personalized notice to you. Your continued use and access of this website construes your acceptance of this Terms of Service and any other policy documents found on this website. 



Questions about the Terms of Service can be sent to us tholuhairandbeauty@gmail.com.