EZ-Flow Detangling Brush
EZ-Flow Detangling Brush for all hair type
EZ-Flow Detangling Brush

EZ-Flow Detangling Brush

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ThOlu Hair EZ-Flow Detangling Brush is suitable for all hair types and textures. Its bristles are made from premium quality material that ensures flexible detangling defines and smooths with ease.

EZ-Flow Detangling brush is essential for snag-free and tangle-free healthy hair and ouch-less scalp.

The flexible yet sturdy bristles separated for easy, gentle detangling and to minimize frizz and breakage.

Our EZ-Flow Detangling brush is the best detangling brush for curly hair, it's perfect for tender-headed queens and their babies, loose type 2 waves, or kinky coily type 4 hair. Our brush moves through stubborn knots in seconds.

For use on wet or dry hair, the EZ-Flow Detangling brush is an all-purpose brush that makes caring for your hair a breeze. DETANGLE WITH EASE!

  • Bristle rows separate for gentle detangling and smoothing ease
  • No snagging or pulling with flexible detangling bristles
  • Great for use on wet or dry hair and on all hair types
  • Promotes healthy hair retention
  • Reduces tension on the hair to help prevent breakage